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Artist Profile via Benjamin Schneider: I’m an independent dnb head with an affinity for chip, jungle, thrash, punk rock and textures. I grew up playing bass guitar in local rock bands, punk rock bands, and jazz big bands. When I got into college, I experimented with hip hop production before moving onto the electronic scene.…

Speed of Sound – a new beginning?

It probably isn’t a huge surprise to most of our readers, that our monthly series, “Speed of Sound” has been on hiatus for a few months now and many people are wondering, “what is in store for it’s future?” In an effort to build a more friendly atmosphere for artists and their fans, the Speed…

The Toxic Minister of Bloomington Dubstep – Dioxin One

Tell us a bit about yourself. What lead you to the type of music you’re making now? Well, it seems to me that most of the people reading this probably know my story by now. But if they don’t Ill go ahead and summarize. I had been messing around with drums since the age of…

Bloomington’s own Scott Kellogg – Music on the Fringe

Thank you, Scott Kellogg. Someone needs to (finally) thank you for the efforts you’ve put toward a healthier electronic music scene here in Bloomington. I’m happy to do it here and now. Scott Kellogg is a long standing musical fixture of the Bloomington scene – not only electronic – but also rock, folk, blues, punk,…