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Scholar’s Inn then The Player’s Pub without Bob!

The Debonaires with Sarah Flint
Scholar’s Inn Friday July 29 8-11pm on the deck.

Sarah Suave and the The Debonaires at

The Player’s Pub Wednesday Aug. 3 8-11pm

The Suave Debonaires are helping me out. They are Eric Brown on guitar, Matt Romy on Piano, Ben Handel on Drums Friday, then Danny Deckard on drums at the Pub.

We ARE Swinging in 2011

Thanks for checking in.  It’s been a busy year.  I hope to stay more connected now that we have high speed internet at home.  Thanks to chopping down lots of trees and installing a satallite dish.

Two shows a month in Bloomington can satisfy your desire for Swing Set songs.  If not, 2 CD’s are available.  If that isn’t enough, I have lots of live recordings by request.

Welcome music lovers.

I’m excited to have a website once again to share music with our friends and fans.

I’ll post pictures and recordings.  In the mean time you can always go to

and have us sent directly to your house.  What a world!

Welcome to our new website!

We’ve recently updated our website to a blog format! This new site should be a easier for to maintain and you can subscribe to the RSS feed to keep current on new articles, gig schedules and new announcements. We’re very excited about it and we hope you’ll visit here often.

~Sarah’s Swingset webmaster, Mark Kunoff